AICPA report: Seniors increasingly targeted for investment fraud

Scams aiming to reach retirement accounts are becoming progressively more sophisticated.

Proposal would clarify exception to client confidentiality rule

Under a proposal issued by the AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee, certain reviews of a tax practice would be explicitly included in exceptions to AICPA Professional Standards client information disclosure rules.

A new playing field for business

The Supreme Court’s decision on sales tax collection could give smaller companies that rely on in-store sales a better chance to compete with virtual retailers.

GASB addresses interest cost incurred before a construction period ends

State and local governments will provide new information to financial statement users under a standard GASB issued that establishes accounting rules for accounting for interest cost incurred before the end of a construction period.

FASB clarifies accounting for grants and contributions

The ASU seeks to simplify accounting for grants and similar contracts awarded by governments to not-for-profits.

Supreme Court overturns Quill’s physical presence requirement

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday held that states can assert nexus for sales and use tax purposes without requiring a seller’s physical presence in the state.

News quiz: Hiring and trade on finance leaders’ minds

The quarterly Business and Industry Economic Outlook Survey prompted a couple of news reports in the JofA in recent weeks. One focused on plans for hiring, while the other looked at concerns about trade.

FASB simplifies accounting for share-based payments to nonemployees

FASB released an Accounting Standards Update (ASU) designed to improve the financial reporting for share-based payments issued to nonemployees for goods or services.

SEC unveils goals for next 4 years

The three goals' aim is to help the commission improve its ability to react to and employ new technologies.

How to improve workflow to achieve operational excellence

Process improvements in three key areas can improve workflow and provide finance with more time for analysis and advisory duties.